Monday, May 16, 2011

Traits of Great Leaders

With my apologies to Jason Jennings (Best Selling author - for paraphrasing his work. Here is a summary of Jennings take on the traits of GREAT LEADERS.

Great Leaders stand their ground on core values regarding how their organizations must operate; they do not waver and they turn their values into causes.  These causes provide Big and Bold direction that gives the organization purpose. They are not focused directly on financial results but instead, are focused on giving purpose to the work done, fueling passion, and driving momentum.

Great Leaders let go of yesterday’s success, ego, and conventional wisdom because it allows the organization to deal with change, promote innovation, and outdistance rivals.

Great Leaders make sure that everyone knows the Strategy and that all are held accountable.  They never play “favorites”, allow corners to be cut, or allow managers to engage in improper behaviors.

Great Leaders reward performance based on value created.

Great Leaders share information, are accessible, don’t adhere to superficial symbols of power, are coaches and mentors, and believe in Servant Leadership.

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